In our world, a toxic lifestyle has become apart of our everyday culture. Toxico Apparel is an online clothing store that strives to communicate a sense of urgency, reveal the consequences of actions and CHOOSE a better lifestyle in the future. Every decision we make today is vital and we want to build a culture of people who choose to battle against making TOXIC decisions in their everyday lives. We believe that the mind, body, and soul are all connected and each one of us has the power to spread toxicity or spread what's good.


We make clothing that we hope will inspire those who wear them to make the right decisions in life. Our apparel calls out the things we must say no to so that we can live an extraordinary life. We not only want to inspire ourselves to live better but we want to be an inspiration to others to say NO to TOXIC habits that would destroy their lives.


Join us in our mission to spread the truth. By wearing our apparel you will now make a statement wherever you go and be reminded yourself to say no to bad habits. Check out our blog for more helpful information and some motivation to start your day.

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Toxico Classic Tee

Toxico Classic Tee


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