10 Toxic Habits You Might not Know About (and how to break them!)

Some habits we form are good, while others are not. We label these bad habits and categorize them based on our own biased opinions, but what if there are bad habits that you don't even know about? How do you break something you don't know exists? It's Toxic Tuesday and today, we're breaking down 10 Toxic Habits You Might not Know About (and how to break them!) Make sure you stay tuned until the end for our weekly challenge, and if you like this post, share it on social!

Research says that it takes 21 days to break a habit and for a new one to form in its place. Did you catch that? You can't just break the habit, you need to find something good to replace it with. Once you've overcome the habit you're trying to break, you're going to feel so liberated and free. Trust me, the habit only has the power over you that you give it.

1. Stop Wasting Time on Toxic People

Do you have a coworker that gets under your skin? A "friend" that holds you down instead of lifting you up? Life is too important to be wasting time dealing with people who impact your life negatively. Find ways to cope with the coworker you don't get along with. Learn the value in letting go of people who don't support and appreciate you for who you are. When you stop wasting time on toxic people, you'll leave room for better relationships, friendships, and more joy to enter into your life.

2. Stop Always Saying "Yes"

Do you like to please people and feel like you need to say yes to everything they ask of you? It's okay to serve others and do things for them - it becomes a bad habit when it evolves into something that is detrimental to your own well-being. Figure out what you're comfortable with and make boundaries with people. It's probably going to rub others the wrong way (especially if this has been going on for years) but hold your ground. Eventually, you'll be respected and you'll rest easy knowing that you're not taking on too much.

3. Stop Looking for Others to Blame

There are two types of people in this world. Those that take responsibility for their problems and those who blame others for their issues. These people often have a victim mindset and this personality is easy to slip into. Fight this habit by being thankful for what you have and not being envious of what you don't.

4. Stop the Comparing Game

I get it, we all want what we don't have, but comparing yourself to everyone and their mama isn't going to solve your problems. It's easy to idolize the talents of another person or think that your friends spouse is better than yours, but this only breeds discontentment. Next time you feel the itch to compare your life to another's, think about three things you're grateful for. Kill comparison before it strips you of your joy.

5. Stop Seeking Perfection

This is another easy one to slip into, but it can be easily broken! Recognize that nothing in life is perfect and that in order to learn and grow, you'll need to make mistakes along the way.

6. Stop Thirsting for Approval

We all want to be liked, but too often we seek the approval of others as a basis for our identity. This one is tricky because it can go from a normal human tendency to a bad habit really quick. If you're doing things just to get approval from others because you "need" their validation, theres a good chance you've crossed over the line and into "bad habits-ville". Cope with habit by giving yourself daily affirmations and reminding yourself that you hold value just by being yourself. The people the see that will naturally be attracted to you and you wont feel the need to prove yourself to them.

7. Stop Settling

We make decisions every day, but sometimes we feel the need to take quick action because we think that we wont get any better. This is a bad habit! We need to recognize the impact of our decisions (big or small) and be intentional about what we're doing. It's important to remain flexible, as life is ever changing, but never settle. Make a list of things you want out of life and set goals - refer to this list often when a decision comes up and refrain from doing things because you feel like you have to.

8. Stop Gossiping

It's easy to talk about people behind their back, but how would you feel if they were doing that to you? If left unchecked, this bad habit can spiral out of control and you can lose trust with your friends and family - when the temptation comes up to gossip, think about their reaction to what you're saying. If it's not nice, don't say anything at all.

9. Stop Being Flaky

Do you have trouble following through with things that you say you're going to do? You might have a rep of being flaky or unreliable (both of which aren't good). You can fix this problem simply by following through on what you say - trust me, you're friends will thank you and you'll become someone they can count on.

10. Stop Being a Hypocrite

Do you practice what you preach? It's so frustrating to hear people dish out advice that they themselves aren't doing - and honestly, it destroys the persons credibility. When you give advice to people, make sure that you're practicing what you preach. It's easy to fill others ears with lip service, but if you're not taking steps as well, then all it is is empty words.

This weeks #toxictuesdaychallenge is "BAD HABIT BREAKER" go through our list and pick out one or two that resonate with you. Write down steps that you can take, this week, to get you on the right track to a good habit. Tag us on social @toxicoapparel for a chance to be featured!

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