3 Ways Running Can Make You Happier

We've all heard the health benefits of working out and maintaining fitness goals, but no one really talks about how these things can directly affect our mental health as well. We're diving into 3 Ways Running Can Make You Happier and why.

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1. Physical Exercise Releases Endorphins

Ell Woods said it best, "Endorphins make you happy!" This chemical in your brain is released during a run or after a workout and is known as a "runners high". Most people who run will tell you that they experience mood changes when they don't run and feel awake and happier when they do. If you don't like to run, we totally understand, but even if you go on a brisk walk, you'll experience a release of the "happy chemical" and will overall feel a lot better.

2. Running is a Social Activity

The running community is just that, a community! This is a great way to meet new people, make some friends, and encourage one another in your goals. Whether you're running to lose weight or you just want to feel better mentally, being apart of a running community will dramatically improve your mental health. People were made to do life with one another, and what better way than to find people with whom you share a common activity!

3. Improved Self-Esteem = A Happier You!

We know that running isn't for everyone, but if you're working on improving your mental health (I'm right there with you!) you might want to consider taking it up as a small activity. You don't have to join the 5K or even run every single day, but studies show that running improves your self esteem! That sounds pretty good to me - the hardest part of starting anything is starting. Re-read that. You've got this! A happier life is waiting for you.

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