5 Ways to Achieve a Good (and Restful) Nights Sleep

Sleep. We all do it, we all need it, but are we getting the most out of our nighttime regime? Getting sufficient rest is a vital part to our health, the funny thing is that, this is the area that we typically ignore the most. We go the gym, eat clean, and even have non-toxic makeup on our faces, but when it comes to our sleep, we are sorely lacking.

I'm preaching to myself, too. Most nights you can find me in bed with Netflix on one screen and Facebook open on another. But lately I've been thinking about changing the way that I choose to rest and being more intentional about the steps I take before I lay my head down at night. If you're sick and tired (no pun intended) of not getting a good nights rest, then look no further, here are 5 Ways to Achieve a Good (and restful) Nights Sleep.

1. Create a sustainable bedroom environment

A lot of people believe that the way your bedroom is set up is a key factor to getting a good nights sleep. A good place to start is to eliminate noise, external light, and artificial light. This might be hard if you live in a big city or an apartment complex, but reducing the amount of noise and light coming into your room will really help you get better rest at night. Another way to create a good environment is to make sure that your room is clean - shocker. A clean space = a happier, more relaxed, you. Which then in-turn creates a restful sleeping environment.

2. Reduce (or completely eliminate) blue light exposure in the evening

Honestly, this one is probably the one that most people have the biggest issue with. In our culture, it's become a normal and habitual thing to have your phone out when you lay down to go to bed. It's totally normal to scroll through Facebook until you're ready to go to sleep, but if you want a restful nights sleep, then you'll need to stop your scrolling at least 90 minutes before you go to bed. If you work from home, like me, you might want to invest in a pair of blue light blocking glasses. You can find some on Amazon for less than $20.00USD. I've found that when I intentionally leave my phone across the room, on my nightstand, or even out of my bedroom completely, I get much better sleep and feel better longterm.

3. Don't exercise before going to bed

Do you like to work out in the morning? Or are you more of an evening exerciser? Maybe you don't like to work out at all. Whatever the case may be, you should be spending time exercising everyday, or at least a few times a week. But if you like to work out at night, you might be causing yourself to have disrupted sleep. When you work out, you're stimulating your mind and body, which if done too late at night, will cause interrupted sleep patterns. If you hate waking up in the morning to work out (like me) or you just don't have the time, try getting your exercise in, in the late afternoon. Or you can completely change up your morning routine and go for a quick 15 minute walk as soon as you wake up.

4. Stop eating late at night

Does anyone else get the late-night munchies, or is it just me? Eating late at night can cause poor sleep and hormone disruption. This is why a lot of people say not to eat past 7:00pm. However everyone is different and there have been studies that show people who eat a high-carb meal four-hours before bed actually got better sleep. Likewise, one study showed that a low-card diet also improved sleep. You need to decide what will work best for you, but the concept still remains. Stop eating late at night. Put down the Munchies and step away from the Ice Cream.

Our last tip is the one we recommend the most and that is...

5. Relax and clear your mind before going to bed

I definitely have a "night-time routine", but more often than not, I let my mind wander off into the world of social media right before bed. This is a big no-no. Studies have shown that doing relaxation techniques before bed has improved the overall quality of sleep people were getting. This could be, reading a book, doing a face mask, taking a hot bath, breathing in Lavender essential oils or deep breathing / meditation. These will help you fall sleep faster, for longer periods, helping you get a good and restful nights sleep.

TOXIC TUESDAY CHALLENGE: Whew! That was a lot of information! This week we challenge you to STOP THE SCROLL! Put your phones away 90 minutes before you go to bed and tag us on IG using #toxictuesdaychallenge We want to see your reactions to not having your phone with you before bed.

We hope that you feel rested and if you try out any of these tips, let us know in the comments! You can head over to our Facebook page and join the movement of people wanting to live a non-toxic lifestyle, mind, body, and soul. Happy sleeping, friends!

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