5 Ways to Communicate Better During Conflict

Most counselors will tell you that, the key to success in any relationship is communication. How you communicate with another person will show a lot about your character and if the issue will ever truly be solved. However it's not just communication that's key to a successful relationship, it's listening to the other person and taking in what they have to say with an open heart.

There are a bunch of self-help articles and books that swear to make you a better communicator, all of which can be helpful! They'll tell you things like, use the words, "I" rather than "you" and avoid playing the blame game - which never helps during an argument. If you really want to foster communication in your relationship, keep on reading! We're breaking down 5 Ways to Communicate Better During Conflict.


Before you jump all into an argument with someone, you'll first want to pause and think about what you're really upset about. You can't start a fight with your friend over not calling you back, well, you can, but do you really want to?


Big issues, whether in a romantic relationship or a friendship, need to be dealt with as soon as possible. They also need to be handled differently than if the person didn't call you back - this is otherwise known as "necessary change" Things that need to happen in order for the relationship to continue to grow.


When there are high emotions involved, things can escalade quickly. So direct discussion is often the way to go. If you know that your partner or friend tends to be defensive when issues are bought up, you'll need to figure out how to go about the issue in a way that will make them feel safe. Everyone is different so the approach will be different for everyone.

Possibility of Change:

Avoid confronting people about things that they can't control. Instead of complaining that your wife snores, just let it go. Honestly, there are worse things that she could be doing.

Communicate in person:

I saved this one for last because I believe it's the most important to remember. You can have all of the communication tools out there and still fail miserably if you're sending a text instead of having face-to-face communication.

Communication is one of the hardest things you'll learn in your life, and I don't think you ever master it. But practice makes perfect, right? So keep open communication, always.

TOXIC TUESDAY CHALLENGE: This week we're challenging you to PRESS PAUSE. Before you engage in an argument this week, take a moment to pause. Remember to communicate in person and take some time to think of your partners, or your friends point of view. If you try out any of these tips, share your story and use #toxictuesdaychallenge

We hope that your relationships grow in communication! You can head over to our Facebook page and join the movement of people wanting to live a non-toxic lifestyle, mind, body, and soul. Happy chatting, friends!

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