Today’s #ToxicTuesdayChallenge topic is about how candy can ruin your teeth.

Trick or Treat! Yes that is the sound of kids asking for treats. Less than a week ago we celebrated Halloween. The amounts of candy kids get is insane. It’s enough candy to fill out a medium size piñata. How harmful are these candies to your teeth? So harmful they can ruin your smile. How do these candies affect them?

1.Candy contains acids that attack the teeth producing bacteria called plaque. This acid attacks the enamel. Enamel is the hard surface that covers the tooth. Eventually after a period of time it will affect your teeth. Once our adult teeth fall out we have no other option but to buy new teeth.

2. Eating candy can also cause cavities. Cavities are holes on the teeth caused not ny sugar but by acid sugar releases. It is highly recommended that if you eat candy or any kind of sweets to immediately brush your teeth. Visit your dentist regularly.

3. The top 5 worse candies among many others are as follows:

1. Laffy Taffy: They are very chewy and stick to your teeth. Once you are done eating the candy pieces stay stuck on your teeth specially molars.

2. Jolly Ranchers: They are so hard they can break your teeth. The hardness of the candy also gets stuck inside the teeth specially molars.

3. Sour Patch Kids: This candy is very acidic.

4. Candy Corn: Besides sugar this candy has 11 other ingredients.

5. Smarties: It has too many candies in the package which has too much sugar that turns acidic.

This are just a few reasons why candy can ruin your teeth. These are just a few among thousands of candies that are out there. My third born is very obsessed with candy, we try very hard to keep it away , but somehow seems to get ahold of them. This has caused him to have many dental issues. Sometimes it was out of my hands because people would hand him candy not in my presence as a reward. For the past year or so we have made it a point to hide the candy if any, or simply not bringing candy home. The new rule is 1-2 candies a week if any.

#ToxicTuesdayChallenge Candy can ruin your teeth. This week’s challenge is to limit the candy we eat. Or simply stop eating candy. If we limit our candy intake it will benefit our bodies and our teeth. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and @toxicoapparel with you results and your stories. If you have an idea or a blog and you would like to share it with us contact us and you can be the next author.


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