How to Cut Out Distractions in a Social World

Today's culture is saturated with distractions. We have the whole world at the tip of our fingers, and for some of us, not being connected through social media is simply not an option. If you walk down any street in a bustling metropolitan area you'll see person after person with their heads down, and a phone superglued to their hand. But at what point is social media too social? How far is too far? It's Toxic Tuesday, and today, we're breaking down How to Cut Out Distractions in a Social World.

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I hear people talk a lot about how they're "overwhelmed" "exhausted" or simply just "tired". I'm preaching to myself on this one, too. We have become increasingly comfortable pumping caffeine through our bloodstreams rather than giving our bodies what they actually need: rest. Not just scrolling mindlessly on social media for hours or binging The Office for the hundredth time on Netflix. What if we actually rested?

We need to learn how to slow down

We live in a culture that demands social presence. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are silently taking over the world, and what do we do? We give in. We ignore the world around us in hopes that the bad will just go away, but what we're really doing is robbing ourselves, and each other, of something better. Community. Remember face-to-face contact? When is the last time you put down your phone and didn't have a conversation revolving around the latest Instagram trends? If the answer doesn't come easily to you, you might want to consider how much time you're actually spending on your scroll. I don't say this to make you feel bad; just last week I got a notification saying that I was down 9% of my typical phone useage - roughly spending an average of 7 hours per day on the device. You read that correctly. 7 hours a day. Not a week. To say the least, I was shocked.

I think having a phone is a huge gift, but I don't want to worship it or lose precious time with the people around me because of it. Take time and slow down. Put your phone away - the texts, missed calls, and notifications will be there when you return. I promise.

We need to stay thankful

We are a culture obsessed with instant gratification. We don't just want things, we want them now and with the least amount of work possible. Again, please hear me, I don't say this to make you feel bad, we all need the reminder! In this day in age, the things we want are easily accessible. Do you want new clothes? You got it! Looking to get a new book? Hello, Amazon and two-day free shipping! It's easy to forget that just 20 years ago Facebook didn't exist and people were still ordering Netflix movies and having them delivered. Staying thankful for what we have will keep our minds in perspective. I don't know about you, but I don't want my grandkids to remember me as the entitled woman who couldn't put down her phone. I want to continually remind myself of where we've come from and look forward to where we're going.

How do we change?

It's easier said than done, but something I've done is set a limit on my social media usage. Your phone has a function called Screen Time. If you're on an IPhone it's located in your settings. You can set downtime, app limits, and content and privacy restrictions. It'll even let you set a password! And just in case you really don't trust yourself, someone else can create it for you. Take small steps ( any positive change is a win! ) We recommend spending an average of 2-5 hours per day on social media - this will be hard especially if you're used to spending hours mindlessly scrolling, but don't worry! You're not alone - we're right there with you.

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It's easy to become distracted, so this week, we're challenging you to turn those notifications off! Don't worry, you'll still be connected, but you won't have the distraction of a pending notification on your phone. Tag us on social @toxicoapparel at the end of the week and share how it affected your daily life! Ready? 1...2...3 Time to turn em off!

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