#Toxic Tuesday Challenge Keep Calm and Don’t Litter Toss it!

Did you know that you can get fined for littering? Littering is considered a misdemeanor and is punishable for up to 6 months in jail a fine of $1000 and doing 40 hours of community service.

Littering is one of the worst things you can do. When you litter you are putting everyone in danger. You might be thinking how can a piece of trash put us in danger? The problem is that it is not just one piece of paper, it’s plastic bags, water bottles, wrappers, cups, gum I mean the list goes on and on. When we litter it doesn’t just sit there, it actually travels with the wind and rain. Children and pets are more prone to putting in their mouths and possibly choke. Trash goes on waterways ending up in the ocean. It makes our streets look ugly and dirty. Keep our streets clean. How does it affect our communities?

1. Cigarette Butts

Smoking a cigarette affects your health and people who surround you first of all. Even though now vapes exist there are still the cigarette smokers. What happens when you toss the cigarette butt on the ground? One sometimes it’s still lit and can cause a fire. Two a child or animal can pick up and put in their mouths which personally is gross and three they often end up in waterways that end up in our oceans causing serious risks for marine life. If there is no ashtray available please be considerate put out the butt and toss in the trash.

2. Fast Food Littering

Fast food litter is the top litter. It’s disgusting to see left over food laying on the floor or even on a bench. Wrappers half way open with ketchup/mustard and half eaten hamburgers and fries gross! Empty fountain drink cups ,straws, lids and even the bag the food came in. The worst part is the the trash can is a few steps away from them. We don’t need to see what you had for lunch. Again all this ends up on animals mouths and waterways that end up at the ocean.

3. Plastic Bottles

Littering plastic bottles is bad. It affects land, marine life and humans. A plastic bottle is the most visible trash you can see from a few feet away. You see these at the parks, beaches, waterways and oceans. We see plastic bottles on the ground all year round but mainly in the summertime. What happens again these wash up on waterways going to the ocean and killing thousands and thousands of marine life. Nowadays there are thousands of recycle bins everywhere. It takes a few seconds to toss them in the bin. Recycle !

#Toxic Tuesday Challenge is to Keep Calm and Don’t Litter Toss it! For this week let’s start by tossing your trash every time you need to in the trash can and if you see trash near you to pick up and clean the area. Personally I have been doing this for year’s so much that my little one’s have picked up the habit. Make it a habit from now on. Try to get a group on Earth Day April 22 and pick up trash around your community . Let’s make our cities clean. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and @toxicoapparel with you results and your stories. If you have an idea or a blog and you would like to share it with us contact us and you can be the next author.


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