LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH: By Edwin H. Batiz

We are in a generation where suicide ,depression , and anxiety rates are all off the charts and I believe it is because we are in a generation where we rely.

Rely means: To depend on with full trust or confidence.

And stay with me I know you're probably like, "really, what is it that I rely on"? Many of us have the blessings of having food, water, and shelter in our every day life . It comes to the point where sometimes we forget about the less fortunate kids around the world, who don't even have purified water to drink; it gets to the point where we take it for granted. We are stuck comparing ourselves to those who have better stuff than us, that we forget how blessed we are. I’m not saying you should never strive for more ,but just keep in mind the blessings we come across in our everyday life.

Most of us don’t believe in miracles we depend on them.


Another thing we rely on is technology. We are in an era where we rely on technology more than ever before - we seek attention, and what other people think of us. For example social media we are so stuck up with being accepted by other that we post the highlights of our life’s and gain satisfaction as we see the likes increase. You rarely see people post their flaws because we are afraid of what people have to say.

It’s okay to be satisfied with what you have, but it’s never okay to gain satisfaction. In other words, it’s ok to be popular, but never by thinking, or acting, like you’re better than others.

We rely so much on other's that we sometimes lose our value in it. I’m not saying this applies to all, but there are many people in this generation who send nudity to one another just to feel better about their body. They’ve been called shameless names and they're looking for acceptance from someone who is also lost -- and I guarantee you that you will never, I repeat never, find acceptance from someone who doesn’t even have it in their life. Know your value.

Stop being a people pleaser and start being a leader.

Don’t lose yourself just because you want to be accepted.

There are many of us here who have gone through things in life that I wouldn’t wish on the worst of my enemies, but through it all, God has been there with us every single step of the way.


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