Negative Thoughts

Most of us spend a lot of our time inside our own mind. We worry about our future, replaying memories and reliving moments from our past. We focus on parts of our lives that make us dissatisfied. While very common, negative and unwanted thoughts may prevent us from enjoying life and positive experiences. They also distract us from focusing on important things in life. Focusing on negative thoughts can be very draining and can make you feel anxious and depressed.

Believing in negative thoughts

can obstruct your success.

5 Negative thoughts:

1. I’m not good enough:

Feeling that you are not good enough is awful. It makes you feel helpless and it brings your spirits, attitude, and energy, down. This causes you to feel depressed and not have any goals or motivation. The feeling that anything you do is not good enough is a common negative emotion that a lot of people suffer from. This Thought could originate from when you were a child. I know we, as parents, can be hard on our children because we want them to succeed and do good in life - sometimes we can pressure them to be better. Bringing home a C is not good enough. Playing a sport and not making that goal you almost made the goal but that’s not good enough. We grow up with that thought in mind and stays in the back of our head.

2. That feeling that something is always going to go wrong:

Our minds play tricks on us. This is one I struggled for years with myself. That feeling that everything you do will turn out negative. That feeling of, "why even try if something will go wrong". It causes anxiety and stress. The more we think negative things the more we attract wrongful thinking -- it’s like a magnet. For example, when I was younger I always wanted to dance on the school dance team, but my thoughts would say, "if I try out for to be in the dance team I won’t make it". What if I fall and embarrass myself? What if they don’t like how I dance? I lost that opportunity -- my dream. Guess what, I love to dance and I am good at it! I had anxiety for years, but over time I lost my fear and anxiety. Applying for a better job, trying out for a sport, giving a speech, it can be many things you want to do but those negative thoughts kill our motivation and our dreams.

3. I can’t do it:

The I can’t do it thought is very strong. I can’t reach my goals and dreams. This goes back to the, I’m not good enough thought. It will take a lot of time and effort and I can’t do it. That person is better than me. Why does that person have better things than I do? Why is that person more talented than me if they don’t even deserve it? I am a failure. I

can’t be the next supervisor. I can’t get that promotion. The I can’t enter the contest. I can’t go back to school. I can’t open my own business. These are all thought that will cost you years in emotional damage and they'll make you feel depressed.


Unhappy thoughts can lead to depression. These thoughts make you feel unhappy in life - nothing that you do is fun. You can be at a party, a concert, with family and you are just unhappy. It’s like a dark cloud is always on top of you. I see this more and more in teenagers nowadays. In this era, social media plays a big role in our teenagers lives. “Let me see what my friends are doing on IG, Facebook , snapchat ect..... “ I even see it in adults. They look into the media and see that their friend is in Hawaii for the summer and they are just home and have no plans. That brings even more unhappy thoughts. Going to the beach or for a walk at the park is not enough because someone else is happier in Hawaii. Unhappy thoughts makes a person moody, rude, and have a negative attitude.

5.Afraid Thoughts:

The feeling of fear/worry. Being afraid of being alone. Afraid if you drive you will be in car accident. Afraid to be in the dark because of something popping up. There are kids afraid of sleeping in the dark so parents put a night light up for more security. Living in this world and always being afraid is very draining. People that have thoughts of being afraid are always under stress and people who suffer from anxiety are always afraid of almost everything. This again, affects your goals and dreams.


15 things to do to have more positive thoughts

  1. Before you go to bed listen to or read a book that contain positive words.

  2. When you wake up in the morning give thanks for another day of life.

  3. Don’t look at your Instagram, Facebook when you wake up only to see the news or the time.

  4. Listen to positive motivational people.

  5. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you will have a good day, that you are beautiful and that everything is going to be ok.

  6. Listen to positive music. The music you listen to can make your mind and thoughts change.

  7. Sometimes eliminating negative people from your life is a must. They say you become like the people you hang out with.

  8. Hang out with people that have same goals and that are empowering and motivating.

  9. Meditate or listen to mediation music the first few minutes when you wake up.

  10. Exercise

  11. Dance

  12. Be grateful for everything big or small.

  13. Give to others. It can be giving your time, money, your company. By simply smiling and saying hello to somebody can make someone’s day.

  14. Be fast to forgive.

  15. Enjoy every day of your life. And the list goes on and on.......

Start today. Forget yesterday because yesterday cannot come back and you cannot change it, but you can start today and change your life around. Be positive and spread it to someone.



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