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It’s #Toxic Tuesday Challenge!

What do you think of when you hear self care? Self care is making time for YOU! Paying attention to YOU! Are you being selfish? No not at all. In order for us to function emotionally, physically and mentally we need to have self care. This does not make you selfish, not at all. Self care means taking care of yourself and knowing who you are. Many people think if you take care of yourself that you are selfish, but it’s time for you! In order to function as a human being and being able to be there for others we need to start with ourself first.

The following are some Tips on how to start your self care if you haven’t yet:

1. Sleep

Did I say sleep? Of course I did. Sleep is very important to self care. Sleeping helps you maintain weight control. If you are not getting enough sleep it affects, because you gain weight. If you don’t sleep enough and are awake most of the night you tend to crave food and it increases your appetite. When you don’t sleep enough it affects your memory because you are tired you can’t think right! Sleep gives you energy. One thing I know, is that lack of sleep makes you have dark circles around the eyes that’s not pretty. Did you know that during sleep our body releases a human growth hormone, this is important for collagen production. When you don’t sleep well you interfere that process.Have you ever heard of “Beauty Sleep”?

2. Exercising

How does exercise help self care? Do I really need to exercise? We tend to put every and all the excuse as to why do I need to exercise? Exercising helps the heart, burn calories and you’re figure. Did you know your brain releases Endorphins which helps to reduce stress and depression. From experience exercising helps depression about a 60%. I don’t know about you but when I exercise my self esteem improves just by losing 1-2 pounds I feel better about myself. Knowing I can lose 1 or 10 pounds or more means I can accomplish many things. Everything and anything is possible.

3. Eating Right

Eating fruits and vegetables gives you energy because it has vitamins and minerals. Eating the right way helps your immune system to fight viruses and bacteria when it comes down to it. Adding herbs and spices to your food helps your body immensely. For example cinnamon helps lower blood sugars. Ginger helps your digestive system and inflammatory system. Those are just 2 of hundreds of herbs and spices and their benefits. Every fruit, vegetable , herb and spice has its own health benefit. Eating your 3 meals a day and snacking in between helps your metabolism and it helps balance your blood sugar levels. Eating right reflects on your skin as well. The right foods carry vitamins and minerals that also help your skin to look healthy inside and out.

4. Last but not Least Treat Yourself

Yes treat yourself! It’s not only internally we need self care but also external. I know sometimes after we pay our rent/mortgage, bills, buy food ect.. it’s hard to treat ourselves. It can be as simple as alone time. Taking sometime alone time reading a book in a nice quiet place, the beach a park or even your back yard. Taking a walk at the beach or a local park. Going for a nice hike. Mother Nature is beautiful we are so busy on our everyday life that we don’t realize that we have beautiful scenery just around the corner. Getting a facial, you're nails done, getting a new haircut— this applies to men and woman. Make time!

Get a haircut

Get your nails done

Get your Beard cut

Take a walk at the beach

Take a walk at the park

Go for a hike

Read a book

Go for a swim

Go for a run

Go to church and pray


Do Yoga




Eat Healthy

Go for a coffee/tea

Go to a movie

Get a massage

Get a Facial

Visit a friend/family

Go on vacation

And the list go on and on……..

Today’s #Toxic Tuesday Challenge is to self care. Start today and it will not only benefit you, but it will also benefit the people around you. Buy yourself a planner and make it appoint to schedule your self care day. Take time for you! Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and @toxicoapparel with your results and your stories. If you have an idea or a blog and you would like to share it with us contact us and you can be the next author.


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