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Waking up early can be a challenge. Specially these days when it’s cold and you are super cozy. It’s just a matter of getting your inner body used to waking up early. You are so used to waking up later in the day, but you end up loosing hours of your day and time. Yes I know you might be asking why wake up early, for what? It’s not only good for your body but you get to shine before the sun does. You become more productive. Studies show that waking up early make you successful. “Waking up early is linked to success”.

Of course this means you sleep earlier too. You still need your 8 hours of sleep.

“The early morning has gold in its mouth” said Benjamin Franklin…..

Why wake up early?

Yes waking up early at the beginning can he hard. It takes 21 days to break a habit . Waking up early makes you more productive and more successful. It applies to kids and adults.

1. Waking up early helps and improves your health physically and mentally. Waking up early helps reduce your stress level. How does it reduce stress? You eliminate the time to rush making it less stressful. Did I mention energy! Yes you get more energy when you wake up early. How? You wake up refreshed. The longer you sleep and lay in bed you get lazy and less energized.

2. When you wake up early you get a head start in your day. Those tasks that you have accumulated can be done. You have time to plan and organize your day. You have more hours in your day. Getting up early gradually establishes positivity in your life. Studies say that people who wake up early are happier not only for the day but for a lifetime.

3. People who wake up early are more successful. Why? Because people who wake are early are more productive, active and are more disciplined. Having a clear head to make better decisions.

4. Last but not least…. You procrastinate less. We talked about being more successful because you are more productive more active and more disciplined. This applies to procrastinating. You have more time in the morning to complete tasks. You have the energy to say I will take care of this now, rather than say I’ll do it later. You can start making those checkmarks on your daily to do list.

I don’t know about you, but when I sleep in, I wake up grumpy , with a headache and more tired than when I fell asleep the night prior.

This weeks #ToxicTuesdayChallenge is to wake up at 6am everyday this week. The week has 7 days total. Your body will get used to waking up early you won’t want to sleep in anymore. Live a more productive happier life. You can do this. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and @toxicoapparel with you results and your stories. If you have an idea or a blog and you would like to share it with us contact us and you can be the next author.


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