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It’s #ToxicTuesdayChallenge. Are you staying hydrated? How much water are you drinking a day? How important is drinking water?

Water? But why? It’s plain and has no flavor! There are many ways you drink water and still stay hydrated. You can add fruit to the water for flavor, not only by adding fruit does it give it flavor but the fruit also releases vitamins and nutrients. You get the water benefits when you add it to your tea as well. Fruits have water as well ,watermelon and coconut are well examples of that.

Our body is composed of 60% of water. Drinking water helps our digestive system, circulation, creates saliva, transports nutrients to our body and helps maintain our body temperature. Our body depends of water intake on a daily basis. Water is the most natural way to keep our body hydrated and did I mention the most important!

The following are some benefits of drinking water.

1. Promotes Healthy Skin

When your body is hydrated one of the ways you know is if your skin is not dry. Dry skin is one of the signs of dehydration. When you drink water if helps your complexion to look healthy giving it a glow. It helps clear your skin by flushing out toxins. If you are not hydrated toxins stay trapped under the skin. The skin being the largest organ of our body. Not only does your skin look and feel dry, but you also age faster.

2. Balances Blood Sugars

Drinking water can lower blood sugar levels by diluting sugar in the blood stream. What it does is it helps the kidneys flush the excess sugar out of the body. From personal experience with my last child I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and when my sugars would get high I was told to drink at least 1 water bottle of 16oz to help lower my sugar levels. I would check my sugar level after drinking the 16oz water bottle and it would lower my blood sugar immediately.

3. How much Water do you Need a Day?

According to the Health Authorities it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of 8oz of water per day, that equals to 2 liters half a gallon. Below is a chart of how much water you should drink according to your weight. Chart/image is from MyNutriCounter.

Image by MyNutriCounter

Today’s #ToxicTuesdayChallenge is to stay hydrated. Drink water. Keep a chart/journal on your daily water intake. Make note of any changes in your body since starting to drink more water and staying hydrated. Take before and after pictures of your journey. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and @toxicoapparel with your results and your stories. If you have an idea or a blog you would like to share with us contact us and you can be our next author.

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