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Today is our #Toxic Tuesday Challenge. When was the last time you volunteered? Have you ever volunteered? Here are some reasons why to volunteer and how to get started. Being a volunteer can be small or big, as long as you make a difference on people lives and it makes you a better person.

Volunteering does not Involve Money

To volunteer is to freely offer your time and help. It’s the time you give that matters. To volunteer does not involve money. People think that when you decide you want to help the community, a friend or family member that it involves money. This time it doesn’t involve money. Here are 5 ways you can help/contribute your time:

1. Helping prepare meals for homeless.

2. Helping serve meals for the homeless.

3. Helping at a senior center

4. Volunteering at a school

5. Offer to help family members

These are all free!

2. Volunteering helps your Health

It improves your physical and psychological health. Volunteering helps your stress and helps your self esteem. The way it helps is because you have an accomplished feeling and you are physically doing something. It mainly boosts confidence and the sense of being appreciated, it’s more common in older adults. Retired people like to volunteer it keeps them busy. You are giving back to the community.

3. Benefits of Volunteering

1.Your Confidence Increases

2. You are making a difference in people’s lives

3. You meet new people

4. Your helping your community

5. You can add this to a resume for future jobs

"Volunteering “

This week’s #toxictuesdaychallenge is “Volunteering”! Reach out to your child’s school or a school and offer your help. Visit your nearest shelter or community or even better visit a senior center home and ask in what way you can help? You don’t have to go to out of your way— you can even call a family member and ask what they need help with, it can even be a neighbor. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram with your results! Share your story with us. If you have an idea or a blog you would like to share with us contact us and you can be the next author of our blog.


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