Support small businesses. Small businesses are run an operated by independent people. These people are called Entrepreneurs. Remember a person who starts a small business starts with a dream of theirs with hopes that they will grow bigger in the future. Starting a small business is taking a huge risk. Why? Because they are spending all their hard earned money that they have saved up and risking getting back or loosing it. Will it succeed, will they get a profit in return?

Nowadays businesses are ran online. Social media plays a big roll on how your business grows by spreading the word. Sometimes we get discouraged if we see our business is not going as well as we expected. There can be negative people tell you otherwise it could be jealousy or they just don’t think you will succeed. Can you imagine if Nike or Amazon would off listened to negative comments they wouldn't be where they are now. You need to listen to your heart know that you are a successful person already and go for it. If it fails the first time don’t give up make it better. The most important thing you need to remember is:

1. You grew because of the people who supported you by believing in you.

2. Remain humble and always remember where you began.

3. Help others grow their business

4. Help the needy

5. Be grateful

Here are some ways how you can support small businesses

1. Share a post

2. Tell people about that business

3. Like a post

4. Repost

5. Comment with positivity

6. Give them a Shout out

7. Be positive

8. Be happy for them

9. Share business ideas

10.Give positive feedback

11.Visit their business/make a purchase big or small.

12. Tag friends

By doing all or one of these things you help small businesses keep money in the local community. You are supporting locals. Your help them pay their bills, bring food to the table. You meet new people and expand your network. You learn from them. You are helping dreams and goals be achieved.

Where did your dream begin for your business /vision?

Toxico Apparel’s was in a garage just like Amazon, Google, Apple, Harley, Disney and Mattel.

Toxico Apparel Dream Began In this Garage

This week’s #ToxicTuesdayChallenge is to support a small business. When you support a small business you are supporting a dream/vision. How can you help? By doing all or any of the the above. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and @toxicoapparel with you results and your stories. If you have an idea or a blog and you would like to share it with us contact us and you can be the next author.




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